NLP Discussion Chat Transcripts Index (from IRC)

     Welcome to the NLP IRC Chat Seminar Transcripts archive. This rich library of transcripts of NLP events held on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) from 1997-2001... is in transition.  Some of these chats have already been removed from this archive, and others may yet be removed. 

     With those chats that we still find relevant and useful to our customer base, Jonathan's contributions to these chats are being rewritten and augmented into new blog entries.  This process has already begun (July 2014).  If a chat link still appears below in the index, its key content has not yet been published as a blog entry.

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Basic NLP Topics

Chat TitleTrainersDescription
3-Day NLP Skills-Builders!Altfeld- Discussing one of our seminars.
NLP AnchoringAltfeld, Morgan- A Discussion on Anchoring Skills
NLP CalibrationAltfeld- Developing razor-sharp Calibration
Introducing NLPAltfeld, Riggio- High-Level discussion about NLP.
Meta-Future-PacingAltfeld- Maximize your own NLP results!
Pacing and LeadingAltfeld, Morgan- Critical communication skills.
State ChangesAltfeld- Learn Better State Management
Submodalities & SynesthesiaAltfeld- Accelerate your NLP Patterns

Advanced NLP Topics

Chat TitleTrainersDescription
Belief SystemsAltfeld- Understanding Beliefs
Meta-Programs & FlirtationAltfeld- Flirting & Cold-Reading
NLP Meta-ProgramsAltfeld- Behavioral Measurement
MetaphorsAltfeld- Utilizing Metaphor in Life
NLP InterventionsAltfeld- NLP for "Changework"
Reality & ImaginationAltfeld- How deep is the Rabbit Hole?
Sleight of MouthAltfeld- Persuasive Language Tricks
Strategy PipelinesAltfeld- Installing & Sequencing...
Time DistortionAltfeld- This took hours... or did it?

General NLP Discussion

Chat TitleTrainersDescription
NLP for Sales & SellingAltfeld- (Self-Explanatory)
Amplifying Your Allure!Altfeld, K Lavalle, Luzi- Charisma Fuel!!!
Problems Into OpportunitiesAltfeld, Tomasulo- Featuring persuasive "Dr.Sulo"
NLP & Small BusinessAltfeld, J&K Lavalle- (Self-Explanatory)
Everyday NLPAltfeld, Morgan- Living daily with NLP!
How Best to Learn NLP?Altfeld- (Self-Explanatory)
NLP & Advertising Altfeld- 1 of our best. Must-Read!
NLP & EthicsAltfeld- Old argument, new context.
NLP ProductsAltfeld- DESCRIPTION
NLP Practitioner CourseAltfeld, J&K Lavalle, Boyley- Thinking about attending?

Formal NLP Models

Chat TitleTrainersDescription
Knowledge EngineeringAltfeld- Discussing our KE seminar.
The Meta-ModelAltfeld- Language "Deficiencies"
The Milton-ModelAltfeld- Artfully Vague Language