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Small Business Development
IRC Chat Log, August 2, 1998


Small Business Development
Jonathan Welcome everybody! I have a number of directions we can go in tonight, and I'm going to start by presenting them... and seeing where YOU want to go with them! Sound good? (y/n)
follie, finter, thefool, Occam, StefanL, Stile, thefool, MrProzac, tranzpupy, Jakester y
Jonathan OK great! For starters... the idea of using NLP in developing a small business isn't particularly ground-breaking... those people who study NLP often strive to use NLP everywhere in their lives... and to learn how to model excellence wherever they find it. People who start their own little businesses are in pursuit of excellence... they are at the cutting edge of learning how to fend for themselves and pursue financial independence... and small business as a concept is something that typically refers to # of employees, or $ revenues earned per annum, etc. My own experience with Small Business is with two -- the two that I presently run. And I will speak from that perspective. I run Altfeld Computing Solutions, Inc., and the Mastery InSight Institute. Now, both are unique entities, involving different clients, different skills, different projects. And the twain never meet, EXCEPT through my website. When I develop that, I further the intent and aim of both companies. Neat overlap eh? Now. In developing these two companies... I had to go through a lot of changes to handle the business development aspects. I had to forget I have ever heard the statement (common in the corporate world) "Its Not My Job." Because its ALL my Job. So there were some limiting beliefs that had to go right off the bat. Some of which I *knew* about and could do something about using NLP. I could get into the right state, believe FULLY that "Its ALL my job," and INSTALL that mindset inside myself. And then anchor the hell out of it! ;) Could this be useful to you? Have their been times when you needed to feel the above and couldn't muster it? Well, even if you hire people or already have people hired... even if you distribute the labor... if you run a small business... then its ALL your job.
thefool Doesn't that make you be a tad bit stressed Jonathan?
follie Having been working in my own business for almost 20 years (oops, my age is showing), i've had to do everything myself too - there was never a question of someone else doing it
Jonathan And your employees or assistants are there to make your tasks happen while you do other things. Thefool -- a tad bit stressed, thefool?
thefool Well I see my father, and he is that type of person, "do it all myself to make sure it runs" type-of-guy, but he is working from 7 am till 8 pm every day...
Jonathan Hmmm... let's talk about stress. I think I've mentioned this in one of the chats before. I used to be in architecture school.... and when there, I took a class in civil engineering (building structures). And we learned all about the way materials bend and stretch and strain & then break... we learn about STRESS/STRAIN curves... you see... STRESS is when things are under load. STRAIN is when things are pushed to the breaking point. I perform WELL under stress; I do NOT perform well under strain. So I make sure I'm always out of the STRAIN portion of the curve, as it were. Does that make sense? As for working hours... If you LOVE what you do, then its not "work" -- its play.
thefool Yes, Jonathan, so what I say is, ok with the "I do all" installation, but with it a good instalation of delegation skills .. then you know how to do it all, but there is someone else to do it for you... :)
Jonathan I agree completely, Mik! Thanks for the clarification! As long as you delegate tasks... you're STILL making sure they happen!
thefool Because my father HAS to delegate!
Jonathan Yes, this is typical in small businesses. My own are getting to the point where the businesses are expanding. OK. So one direction we can go in is to talk about what qualities and beliefs are useful in someone running a small business. Another direction we can go in... has to do with State Management for the various circumstances we encounter when running a small business. Another direction could be... communication skills with customers/vendors. Another direction could be... how do you manage priorities effectively... Another direction could be... HOW does the INTERNET allow us to use NLP to run a better bigger business with less resources? So I open it up to the group to talk it out a little bit.
thefool As it seems, the priorities direction will be adequate to start with, having all these directions to choose from .. ;)
Jakester I vote for state management or priorities
follie I opt for (1) managing priorities (2) state management (3) using the internet and NLP
Jonathan Let me run with that! First, I'm REALLY glad you all chose Priorities. You must have your priorities on straight! One of the MOST SIGNIFICANT offerings NLP gives to practitioners is the ability to evaluate and set goals better, and PHRASE them more effectively! It comes back to an installation in the 1st DAY of practitioner training... "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Remember that one, Kay? What is your outcome?
tranzpupy Yup!
Jonathan A guy came up to me and said, I see how easily you anchor people, and I want to stop anchoring so poorly. I go, "what do you want?" He goes, "I want to stop anchoring so poorly." I go, "yeah yeah, I heard that, but what do you want to start doing?" He goes, "I don't understand." I said, "So I noticed." See....
thefool COOL!
Jonathan People don't tend to express what they want in terms of what they want more of. They usually tell you what they want less of, and what they want to stop doing. Once you get them to start expressing what they want MORE of... then things get easier.
follie Ah... not what I don't want, but what I do want
rondesgr Ahhhh ::: as a candle flame appears over my head ::
Jonathan Now, this is old-hat NLP stuff... nothing too groundbreaking here. It may be the first time you have heard this, I understand, but don't think of me as bringing anything innovative THERE.
thefool No Jonathan, just lighting up dark rooms that are already formed in my head .. :)
Jonathan So, its cool. I say to the guy, "you told me what you want to stop doing. I wanna know what you want to do MORE of." Immediately he says "well I wanna start anchoring more effectively..." and I watch as his eyes just start widening on their own. Its not like he just suddenly learned it all unconsciously or anything (I love that one).... BUT what I think was happening (sue me, I'm mindreading here) was that his brain suddenly starting thinking more clearly about a BETTER direction to aim his thoughts... and his intentions and potential actions suddenly became clearer.
thefool Reframing?
Jonathan That snot re-blaming, no. When you can get people to STATE THINGS IN THE POSITIVE, s'not as much of a problem anymore. OK.
tranzpupy Asking yourself "what do I want" tells you a lot about yourself... ...Gives you a *lot* of information.
Jonathan So we have POSITIVELY FRAMED OUTCOMES. And this makes NLPers more skilled than the average person... at... setting and reaching goals for themselves OR for their business. And Asking yourself what you want, and then looking at what you wanted before...
rondesgr Got it!
rondesgr :: Candle flame replaced by light bulb ::
Jonathan This gives the NLPer an edge over Joe Businessman... Because they're more likely to be able to set reasonable goals and reach them!
tranzpupy And drop goals that aren't what they really want.
Dan26 Attitude is a little thing that makes a big differece ;)
Jonathan There will always be 1 NLPer out there who isn't doing it effectively, and there will always be 1 non-NLPer out there doing it better than any NLPer. There are always exceptions. But I find NLPers are better at choosing outcomes. And they're also often highly competent... at the process of clearing away incongruity and setting and maintaining priorities, ya know? Still, we can all learn how to do that better than we can today! Who here runs a small business? Or works in one?
tranzpupy Me, but it's not really working yet! I'm still in the prep stages...
Jonathan You just started Kay, give yourself a little time!
StefanL Me, doing summerjobs relatively independently the last 3-5 years.
rondesgr I worked for a small business a few years ago.
Jonathan Did you enjoy it Ron? Was it a bit of an education?
rondesgr At first... yes, it was definitely an education! Unfortunately, the owner was a salesman, not a businessman.
thefool Most of my life, I've been surrounded by small businesses... I think it is time for me to make big business! ;) Attitude wise !!
Jonathan Hehheh! Alright. Priorities! Now... let me ask Ron... what percentage of the small business that you worked in... did you have a hand in?
rondesgr I was in charge of setting up the service dept of a copier company from the ground up
Jonathan Right, and when its from the ground up, you have to have your hand in ALL the cookie jars, right? Even though you're creating a front-of-house department that protects the company from public view.
rondesgr As much as the owner would allow. The service dept was very much in the public eye due to servicing the copiers in the field.
Jonathan Of course. And there are aspects of the biz that YOUR department protected from public knowledge.
rondesgr Oh, yes .. I see
Jonathan Alright. So you were involved in quite a bit, though your primary focus was developing your group or department.
rondesgr Yes
Jonathan You clearly had a lot of different priorities, that you had to balance.
rondesgr LOL ... yes!
Jonathan And there were probably things that you had to do... INSIDE the company... paperwork related perhaps... that you didn't think had anything significant to do with your primary objectives... Is that an accurate statement? But somehow you knew you still had to do them? This could be paperwork, or schmoozing certain people... or... fixing/maintaining office machinery that perhaps you normally would have nothing to do with?
rondesgr Well, there were aspects of the paperwork that I saw as urgent but not critical. Yes, I tried to not spend my time in non-urgent, non-critical areas
Jonathan In some cases, in small businesses... (in case anyone wants to intern with me), this can mean picking up the Boss's laundry or walking his dog. Anything could be included in this category. GRIN
rondesgr (my resume's on my web site, Jon) LOL!
Jonathan LOL! Alright. So there are things that have to happen... that don't fit your primary objectives. Well... What I'm about to describe is not the only way to think about this.
rondesgr Yes, there were stepping stones to the primary Objective.
Jonathan But it comes down to a practical step by step understanding of your objectives, and a willingness to assign % of timeslots available to each objective. And then an adherence to being willing to put aside primary objectives to handle those little less important things, for the duration of time assigned to those less-important tasks. Now this is where the 7 Habits of Highly Successful people wins bigtime. Covey describes the 4-quadrant system for choosing what to prioritize. Now... that worked for me for a little while... but I stopped. I fell back on a percentage-system customized to each task area. Let me give you an example!!! I spend X # of hours per week on updating my website & posting to the internet. It has been one of my most valuable methods for marketing, no question. So I have decided that THAT area must be kept up. So I have decided that THAT area must be kept up. However! There are also other things that must happen which DO keep the business running but which are less important. Like printing envelope labels for the Institute. Like printing blank fax cover sheets Like taking WALKS and refreshing breaks away from the business, to keep myself FRESH with what I'm doing. ALL of my balancing act is primarily KINO based!
thefool Jonathan, but all of those come on a need basis, i.e. when you need them you do them, you dont make time especially for them ...
follie Please explain "KINO" jon
Jonathan Sure, follie, KINO=Kinesthetic: I put in enough time on a task until I FEEL like I have to get back to a more important task. Even though I know the less important one had to get done. I know my priorities, I remind myself of the percentages of time that I should allot... and I get started on a task... knowing and trusting my unconscious mind will TELL me, SIGNAL me, somehow... that its time to mooooo ve on, and then I can get past the BULL and get back to the primary objectives.
rondesgr Jon, I used to set up a mini day within the day for those types of tasks
Jonathan Ron -- this is coooool -- a MINI-day within the day for all those types of tasks, eh? Tell me more, Ron! BTW, folks, now we're getting into successful "strategies" in case it weren't, like, um, obvious ;)
rondesgr Jonathan, I think it's basically what you're doing. I alloted time to those mundane tasks that had to done. sort of schedule them as an appointment and worked through them for that given amount of time each day without interruptions or deviations (hopefully) :) phone calls had their time, letters had theirs, order entry, record keeping, etc
Jonathan My attached FEELING.... is that my PRIMARY business objective will not successfully grow or get closer to fruition *successfully*, with me prepared to handle it.... unless I have kept up those mundane less important things.
rondesgr Exactly, that's why I did what I did, and was able to get the department profitable in two years for that startup company.
Jonathan So I give & get a Kinesthetic response to whether or not I am growing all areas of the business in Tandem successfully. I cannot ship things out successfully unless I have shipping materials handy. I cannot receive faxes & phone calls and be online concurrently unless I have 3 lines coming into the business. I cannot send faxes quickly and easily unless I have cover sheets available (or unless I fax from the computer, but for a variety of reasons I choose not to do that at the moment). So these are the kinds of balancing acts which are present in any small business developers mind... and I POSIT... I submit to you... that NLP training makes a big difference in your ability to manage this balancing act of priorities effectively and with a positive attitude. Can you do it without NLP? Sure. Why would you want to! So... questions, ideas, comments, with respect to priorities? There are SO many possible winning strategies to try on...
Occam Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to.
rondesgr Did mine make sense?
Jonathan Yes, Ron! Thanks for sharing!
Occam Maybe we need to prioritize them. ;-)
Jonathan Why not just keep trying some strategies on until you find one that blows the others away! And then, if you have the time later on (from all the time you saved with your new strategy)... why not try a few others. I'm all for finding a winning strategy and sticking with it... but don't assume there isn't another great one out there.
rondesgr "Continuous improvement"
thefool A litte thingie from thefool: I have this little roll of words in my head with names of things to do, and the top one is the one with the most priority, and as the name shows its a roll, because even what you call mundane priority tasks, gets top priority based on need
Jonathan When you have a little time... refine... try a few others out... keep it gRoWing. Thefool, does the roll "look" like something? Can you see more than one word at a time? More detail, but keep it concise.
thefool I see the main thing that I need to do next, in red, and the word of whatever is after that under it, and if I want to know more things I need to do, then I scroll down ... But when I finish something, the words on the roll change place according to what is needed. Again its based on a need basis/time.
Jonathan OK. Neat! So is this a display you have thats transparent over everything else you see?
thefool You can say so, its in the top side of my view area ... (like a curtain roll over a window)
Jonathan Even more neat. OK, Mik, what I want to know now is... how has this technique made you amazingly successful at what you do? Or has it not done that? If you're sharing it with me, I'm only going to want to try it on, if you're describing something that's been an amazing benefit to you.
thefool Well amazingly enough, I always get to do what I need to do in time... leaving me time for what I want to do, and time to get bored too! hehe
Jonathan Always? Really? Never faltering? ;) Just kidding.
thefool Always, in the passing time, :) ... I know, hehe! With "the passing time," I mean, the last 2, 3 years..
Jonathan OK... so, you... you think you have a good strategy for prioritizing tasks and managing time. I can go with that. Alright, well... for me, managing Priorities is a matter of finding really good strategies that work for you. And you're going to need some good ones if you plan on running a small business.
thefool Hey, the more choices the better ...
Jonathan Who's awake? (y/n)
StefanL, Occam, thefool, PureNLP, finter, follie, tomo y
Jonathan Hi Kathleen La Valle!
NLPSGI Hi Jonathan, Congratulations!!
Jonathan Thanks, Kathleen! Baby is asleep now... ;)
tranzpupy So type quietly....
NLPSGI OK, I'll be quiet! BTW Play music while he is sleeping in his room!
Jonathan LOL! So lets see now, what have we covered....
Jonathan (1) ITS ALL MY JOB
Jonathan (2) STRESS / STRAIN : STRESS:good STRAIN:bad ;)
PureNLP Strain peas, good. :))
thefool Well jonathan, one little question again about 1, because, I think it is a tad important point
Jonathan LOL, John! Yes?
PureNLP :)
thefool For instance, book-keeping .. i.e. accounting... That is one major lag point, that if you need to put it on yourself, it might take you to extremes... There is external help that can be acquired, without having to think about it as "ITS all my job!" When I was opening an internet cafe back home, we used outside counseling, with outside accounting... I didnt know and still dont know anything about accounting ... because I didnt have to!
Jonathan I think I understand -- you're saying that if I do absolutely every tiny task, that I'm not delegating effectively. Thats true! That's why the baby's sleeping. She's got to earn her milk! She gets tired easily, though. I only had her do 3 hours of work today. OK -- Yes, delegation is important and I did agree with you there.
follie LOL jon! But there are those of us who are so small that we don't have anyone to delegate to!
thefool :)
StefanL And these strategies you've been talking about, I got the impression that you apply them only on the scale of a day to a week? And decide what task should be on the "list" somehow else?
Jonathan Stefan! Yes, so far you've heard me apply them daily or weekly... here's an example of that: I have to schedule seminars months out on the calendar. What does that take? A little foresight, a little planning...
StefanL Yes...
Jonathan And once I put the dates down on the calendar, I have to balance out all the time its going to take dealing with all the ^&#!%@ing hotel sales/catering staff and signing contracts. That is ALL lost time, with respect to time I can't spend updating the website or posting on the internet, or, for that matter, time training. But it IS time that must be spent. Do I have to do it? No, I could dole it out. There are one or two people here in this channel now who have helped me with this in the past!
PureNLP There're just 2 of us here (at NLP Seminars Group International) and we run the whole shabang.
rondesgr Too bad you couldn't automate it somehow
Jonathan John & Kathleen run a very very well-oiled operation.

Let's Explore Some Marketing Tips!
Sandworm If you are going to automate things as much as possible, you also want to set up a marketing model... That allows you to generate leads/biz etc while you're sleeping. I got my marketing model from Dan Kennedy, one of my major marketing gurus.
PureNLP Good guru!!
Sandworm Lots of marketeers can teach you to write copy, ads, etc. Which is important. But... If you don't have the right model...then the ads and such don't serve you as well. And the notion is you want to sell to PRE-qualified prospects...who move through your marketing funnel by reading your ad...calling your recorded info line..listening to the message and leaving their name and address.
Jonathan Jay Conrad Levinson is also really good for marketing skills! His "Guerrilla Marketing" books are excellent.
Sandworm So by the time you do start mailing them, they are waiting for the info! And we've found that 50% of our sales are generated... On the third mailing of our salesletter. You get the letter 3 times... And if you don't buy by then, you get a fourth contact... it's a sarcastic little one pager... Expressing my puzzlement as to why we haven't heard from them! If you get qualified prospects, don't let them go after one mailing; Life is a parade for people, and sometimes with all the distractions, you need to go by their reviewing stand more than once.
Jonathan Is that a separate list from people who have already bought from you at least once?
Sandworm Yes, Jonathan. And the other thing is, too many people focus on finding new customers... when your current customer base is a terms of net profit.
rondesgr They will generate leads for you automatically, right?
Sandworm Rondesgr: No...not necesarily...but the point is, once they have bought from have a relationship with them..and they will buy over and over and over again..they trust you. As John La Valle and Richard Bandler teach in Persuasion Engineering (Seminar signups & Tapes available at, you set things up so the customer now becomes so happy doing biz with you... That they WANT to keep doing biz with you and recruit for you... So if you are a marketer, And you use what John and The Boss teach, You ought to set up mechanisms in your business.
PureNLP Marketeer
Sandworm That take advantage of it... Marketer + Privateer = Marketeer
Jonathan They'll generate more leads for you, and feel good about it!
PureNLP Really Good!
Sandworm I learned the hard way that if you are selling something hard to believe, give lots of free samples.
Jonathan I find that these chats, in my case, are my biggest website draw. Without question.
Sandworm Plus..the newsletter establishes you in the mind of the customer... As an educator and friend, not a salesman! Now..I love salespeople... They help us understand that we are making a GOOD decision... And teach us how to feel great about buying RIGHT NOW.... From You could learn more about this... nonetheless, lots of folks have bad associations to being "sold."
Jonathan And we don't want people to buy from John any sooner than they visit his website and find out how many great tapes are available.
Sandworm So position your self as an educator and friend... and finally, one more thing I'd add... And I know John La Valle will agree... don't take any shit from your customers... the customer is not not not not not always right!!! Establish from the get-go that you are there to be respected.
PureNLP :))))))
Jonathan That's an excellent point, and it goes against traditional thought.
Sandworm And you won't deal with assholes! Because no amount of money is worth taking shit from anyone. I'm serious!
PureNLP :-)
Sandworm Yates and I have a standing policy for the few people he employs, which is "take no shit or rudeness from anyone, ever. If folks are decent, always give them more than they expected." And this will keep them for life.
PureNLP It keeps out the wienies!! :) And then some!
Jonathan Yes, this is different than giving people the benefit of the doubt on shipping problems.
Sandworm Remember, your worst enemy in business isn't your competitor, or even your own mistakes, it is big brother! Uncle Sam will do everything to make your life miserable as a business person. To smear you to the people you serve, Steal your treasure, Regulate you to death, Make you PROVE your innocence, Etc. But remember, that these are the modern equivalents of vampires who make a living sucking off your productive effort. And at heart, they are bullies and cowards, who will run like a rat at the first sign of an intelligent and determined step.
PureNLP Yeah!
Sandworm So... make damn sure that you dot your t's and cross your i's as best you can, and have plenty of letters on hand from satisfied customers. And follow our numberone rule: Always Always Always give a refund immediately, even if you think you are being conned. Better to pay the refund than defend against a USPS or FTC or Attorney General investigation.
Jonathan It takes time to find out how to automate things, optimize your processes. You want to expand or open a new area to your business, you have to research it. Initial forays... into a new area take research time, exploration time, and time for mistakes... eventually you figure out what works and you do more of that. And you can optimize and automate various things. And you make even more mistakes along the way. The more mistakes, the better, IMHO, as long as you're learning from them!

John & Kathleen La Valle Offer Valuable Lessons!
NLPSGI I agree do not take shit from anyone and when they are calling with good intent, then it is time to pour on the good feelings to have them feel wonderful with the use of your voice (bathe their neurology)and your language
Jonathan OOOoooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaah ;)
PureNLP You have to make the distinction between the shitheads and the confused.
Jonathan Hehheh! Well put!
PureNLP Most people are great!! But every now and then... ya get one. We do NOT let them into our seminars, or our business in any way.
finter Ouch
Jonathan Hah!
PureNLP We have turned them away, and our customers really appreciate it!!
Jonathan A lot of these techniques do NOT match what the "old traditional" RULES for doing business. Screw those! Do what works!
thefool LOL Jonathan, that is why it is called OLD!
PureNLP Hey Jon, when Persuasion first got published... someone faxed the publisher, and complained that the book didn't adhere to business standards!
Jonathan Ahhahhah!
PureNLP And so we faxed back, explaining that we weren't trying to adhere to them; we want to change them!!
tranzpupy Yes! Sparks on the guardrail and double it!
Jonathan ROTFL! And that you have! You had 200 people in Austin this February for Persuasion Engineering, didn't you? I'd call that evidence that you were changing things...
PureNLP Close!
scriber Great story, John!
PureNLP True one.
scriber I believe you, that's why I think its great!
PureNLP One important thing about your business is to have an immediate response to any request a customer or potential customer may make.
Jonathan Thats a very, very important one. And it has been a challenge!
PureNLP Immediate=within 24 hours. Or less, no matter where you are on the planet
Jonathan What about during trainings?
NLPSGI Yes absolutely! There is always time.
PureNLP Even then! When we are out of town, we have an office set up in our hotel room, and run it as we would at home base. Computers, printers, message pads, the whole shabang!
NLPSGI We do our mailings everyday on the road have stamps will travel
PureNLP :) Yes, dear
NLPSGI Well, I have to go but I am sure John will play a little longer
Jonathan Always a pleasure, Kathleen, thanks for your contributions tonight!
NLPSGI Love to your wife and the wee one
Jonathan Thanks! I'll pass your comments on!
scriber Thanks Kathleen, it's been a pleasure, again!!
NLPSGI Thank you, Scriber!
tranzpupy G'night, Kathleen, I have to go, too, have to earn money for trainings

Wrapping up the Chat with Announcements!
Jonathan Now is a good time to close out the official chat. But I'll hang around a bit longer! Some announcements!!! Some of you know about our "Finding Your Irresistible Voice" tapes & CD's! Find info & REAL AUDIO samples there.
PureNLP Are those the ones you may discontinue soon? :)
Jonathan Yes, those are the ones I may discontinue soon if they don't order NOW....
follie What a great sales technique, PureNLP! ALSO! Who wants to learn DHE™??????
PureNLP ME ME!!! I do! I do!
thefool MeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMe!
Occam LOL!
Jonathan [Editor's comment: Announcements have been omitted for trainings held in the past. For current information on DHE™ & NLP trainings with Richard Bandler &/or John La Valle, visit the First Institute of NLP & DHE™ and NLP™ Seminars Group International! For information on our upcoming events visit here!]
Jonathan Thanks everyone for coming to play tonight!


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