Mastery InSight NLP Business Policy Page

Our policies have evolved to create a balance between protecting you (our valuable customer) from any risk or mistreatment, and protecting us from disrespectful or less-scrupulous window-shoppers & information thieves. (NLP does attract the occasional strange bird, no question about it!).

Customer Privacy Policy

The Mastery InSight Institute is totally committed to protecting your privacy. When you sign up for our email list, or when you sign our Welcome-Packet Request Form (which includes email list subscription), you should feel TOTALLY confident that no one, no other business entity, will ever see your personal information provided to us. We use it exclusively to keep you informed of upcoming opportunities & offers that we will make available to our customers & prospects. At no time now or in the future will your information be shown, provided, rented or sold to other organizations, for any reason. If we do any joint ventures with other companies, you may receive an occasional offer showing such joint ventures, but NO third parties will ever have your information in hand. We will ALWAYS protect your personal data, whether you're a prospect OR a customer.

When/if you attend a seminar, although we do distribute nametags to attendees, your phone numbers and/or home or email addresses are NEVER provided to other attendees through our business. It is always up to you whether or not to have your information provided to other attendees for networking purposes, etc. If every attendee at a seminar wishes to exchange information amongst themselves, then, on an as-requested basis, we can save you time/effort & provide a list of attendees only to the attendees themselves at such an event, and we would not provide any such lists to anyone not actually in attendance. Anyone not wishing to be on such a list will be omitted by request. Bottom line: Your information is SAFE with us.

Customer Data Security Policy

Customer payment information is never stored online ever in an unencrypted fashion, and we maintain a constant state of thorough internet firewall protection; no third parties can access our computer hard drives where customer payment information is utilized. Copies of customer receipts (for customer service/accounting purposes), when not actively being handled, are stored in locked filing cabinets.

Your payment details through online orders are stored in an encrypted format and downloaded to our system, decrypted locally post-download, and run through a standard credit card processing system over the phone, not in a live-online transaction, so multiple form entries WILL NOT cause multiple transactions to your credit card, for example. This will be changing soon over to an online gateway, but before that happens, we will establish a solid shopping cart with strong customer protections, etc., to ensure no errors and reduce any opportunities for fraud. We have a current secure certificate, using the latest browser security protection, so as our new shopping cart is blended into the new website, you can expect our usual commitment to your security & protection.

At the present time, charges are NOT authorized or charged real-time.  Orders and registrations are not considered accepted until we successfully receive funds.

Seminar Refund Policy

REFUND TIMING: Once we receive your refund request in writing (email is sufficient, but we need to confirm receipt of that email, so you should check to ensure your email has been received), we process refunds within 2 business weeks (up to 14 days) after the request was received. This lets us time refunds with other incoming registrations.

96% REFUND UNTIL 2 WEEKS PRIOR: Once you've registered/paid for an event, if you ever need to withdraw your registration, we'll refund your money in full minus a 4% administrative fee (covers the merchant bank fees we have to pay on Paypal or Credit/Debit card registrations). 4%($500) == $20; 4%($1000) == $40; 4%($2000) == $80. All funds over 4% are refundable in full, at ANY time, all the way up until 2 weeks prior to the seminar.

96% REFUND IF YOU SHOW UP & DON'T LIKE THE COURSE! This is our "customer satisfaction" clause. We want you to be happy, and if you show up, and give it a shot, but we're not for you, you'll get 95% of your tuition back. 4%($500) == $20; 4%($1000) == $40; 4%($2000) == $80. . All funds over 4% are refundable in full if you show up and leave anytime during or after the 1st day ends. (Note: this does not mean during the 2nd day or later, or after the course is over, unless so specified on a specific course's sales page).

NO REFUND FOR NO-SHOWS OR LAST-MINUTE CANCELLATIONS: Simply put, if you regularly sign up for & withdraw from lots of courses, or just don't show up, that creates unwanted risk for us. NO REFUNDS if you withdraw from a course less than 2 calendar weeks of the start of the course and then don't show up to try the course out. However your money is not lost, just considered 'invested.' We'll keep your tuition on file, and you're welcome to apply it in full to products or other courses on an all-sales-final basis. So the money is available for use elsewhere. We simply aim to discourage 'unsteady' event registrations. Don't like this policy? Then come to the event and tell us in person on the morning of the event that you want to withdraw. You'll get 96% of the tuition back *after* we return home from the course.

REFUNDS FOR CC CHARGES: We can only refund to the same card you used. Got a new card number now? Then please note: We can not provide any credit card refunds to 'new' credit cards that were not used for the original charge, whether for tuition or products. This happens sometimes when someone signs up for a course or buys a product, then later on reports a card stolen or their card expires, and they get a new one in the mail. Our merchant bank will reject a refund put through to the new card. In such cases, we will need to refund you via (1) Paypal (you'll incur 3% fee to receive it), (2) business check, or (3) wire transfer (additional fees apply)

CURRENCY EXCHANGE: We do not account for changes in currency exchange over time. If you live away from the USA, and we provide you a refund, it will be for the exact US$ amount we charged (less any small admin fees etc for tuition refunds). Note: this may benefit you, may cost you.

Product Refund Policy

BASIC ONE-TIME FULL REFUND POLICY: For every customer, one time only, we offer a 100%-full-365-day-refund-policy on any of Jonathan Altfeld's products for up to $350. Order any product(s) up to $350, and you are protected fully for an entire year in case that product is not for you. We refund in full for the cost of the product (& sales tax for Florida orders only), but not for shipping the product in either direction.

APPLIES TO THIS SITE, AND TO ANY/ALL SALES OF OUR PRODUCTS THROUGH OTHER AFFILIATES: This applies not only to our products sold through this site, but ALSO to situations where you have bought Jonathan's products through other affiliates.  It also applies if you have bought "Belief Craft" (by Doug O'Brien & Jonathan Altfeld) through Doug's site, and then asked Doug for a refund.

REFUND TIMING: Once we receive your refund request, and any physical product back in the mail if relevant, we process refunds within 2 business weeks (up to 14 days) after the request was received. This lets us time refunds with other incoming registrations and product orders.  It's usually just a few days, but we reserve up to two business weeks for refund processing.

EXCEPTIONS TO THE ABOVE: Unfortunately, a handful of "bad eggs" looking to find every loophole and benefit from our information products at our expense have made the following necessary: Our full refund guarantee applies to any $350 worth of product or less, at a time.  And it applies to any customer, exactly once. Example: If you order $350 of products, keep them 6 months, then order another $350 worth of products, then try to return both for a refund 5 months later, we'll only honor 1 product order refund up to $350, not both. We presume that if you ordered more, you liked what you first got. So the refund policy applies only to one product order up to $350 at a time. If you then order something additional 6 months later, the old refund policy expires immediately at the time of the new order, and now you have a full year refund policy on the new product purchase(s) only.  Correspondingly, we do not allow people to order everything, then return everything.  So -- order anything up to $350 with total risk-free protection. If you like it/them, great, perhaps you'll like some of our other offerings. If not, send it/them back for a full refund which we'll honor. Even if it's more than one product, if the total order is less than $350, they're all covered for a full year together, or until the next product order is placed.

ONE TIME ONLY:  "Refund Abusers" are not permitted to order & return, repeatedly.  We honor ONE legitimate customer refund request happily, to eliminate any risk in trying out our home-study resources.  If later that customer comes back for more after that, we presume they know there's enough value to be returning, and any orders received after we've honored a past product refund request (either directly, or through Doug O'Brien for "Belief Craft" or other affiliates), will only be accepted on an ALL SALES FINAL basis.

METHOD OF REFUND:  The method we choose to refund your money is up to us.  Generally, if you ordered by paypal, we refund by paypal.  If you paid by check, we usually refund by check.  If you ordered a product recently and paid by credit card, we'll refund using that same credit card.  If it's been a long time between purchase and refund, and you paid by card, we may choose to refund to your card, or by paypal, depending on the time lapsed.  If you have had a card replaced, we will not refund to a different card number (or an older expired card).  In such cases we either refund by business check in US$, or by paypal.

MEDIA GUARANTEE: We provide a total lifetime guarantee the quality of our media.  Contact us anytime to send back the damaged media, and receive a replacement cd/dvd usually free, or in some cases only for the cost of the media & postage (details based on circumstances.  Typically, single broken or unworking discs are replaced free at our cost; entire products or booklets replaced free for media cost + postage ).

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PROMISE: We WANT all of our legitimate customers to be very satisfied. If for any reason you're not, call us and let us know. We'll aim to find a mutually agreeable way to make you happy.

Seminar Locations & Topics Policy

HOW WE CHOOSE WHERE TO TRAIN: Our choice of cities is based on our contact database. You CAN influence our choices, by filling in our welcome-packet-request form, and telling us about you & your interests. Feel COMFORTABLE, this is a totally opt-in process, we do NOT send out reams of unwanted material, and we WILL NOT sell, rent, loan or trade our contact database, EVER.

HOW WE DESIGN OUR SEMINARS: Our choice of topics is based on responses & comments received both in seminars & through welcome-packet requests. If you don't see a seminar that meets your particular interests, do fill in our welcome-packet request form, and your preferences will be heard. You'll also receive a couple of free gifts in the mail as our way of saying thanks for letting us know a little bit about you. Let us know you're out there & what interests you.