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We aim to help improve your leadership & change-management skills dramatically. To provide you with excellent techniques, & actionable strategies for improving relationships & succeeding more in business. We'll give you an unfair advantage in achieving your goals, and in developing more persuasive and effective communication skills.

We provide high-quality NLP training, NLP CDs & DVDs, & NLP coaching. In most cases, our workshops & CD/DVD recordings are highly useful for most anyone with any level of NLP background. We enjoy a high level of return customers & students, once people become familiar with the quality of our work!

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Jonathan Altfeld
NLP Trainer, Business Coach, & Life Coach
Mastery InSight Institute

This site focuses on applying and using NLP to help you resolve conflict, improve communication, manage your emotions, strategize more effectively, enrich your life, enhance your business, develop NLP sales skills, influence, relationships, and behavior. As we specialize in offering NLP courses, seminars, and trainings in a range of situations, we hope to provide the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, coach, life coach, and business coach, with advanced NLP skills and insights, just as we offer a range of products and services to help new NLP students hit the ground running. Feel free to explore our free NLP chat transcripts and NLP articles here.

Author: Jonathan Altfeld