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Welcome to the Mastery InSight Institute of NLP. If you could use any improvement in the areas of:  management or sales, the psychology of marketing, influence or persuasion, beliefs and values, decision-making, connecting with people, understanding how others tick, this site could become one of your most important finds.

Perhaps you already know about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), perhaps not. If you don't, then consider this: NLP is behind most of the self-help authors and success books out there, to one degree or another. NLP was one of the most important influences on world-renowned trainer Anthony Robbins. And these days, NLP comes in all flavors, bridging just about every field where accelerated learning can help improve training quality and speed.

Most of the exposure you may have had to NLP in the past would probably have been in the "whipped cream" category.  Over-simplifying aspects of NLP techniques and cognitive or language patterns down to 5-step recipes. It might have been hidden inside or behind over-hyped-up workshops with booming amplified speakers! It might have been one of your favorite self-help guru's own most valuable influences. Or perhaps you benefitted from taking a shorter rifle training in the Army, thanks to how NLP was applied to optimizing the basic training rifle course (just to name one example).

Our focus here at the Mastery InSight Institute is to balance the "whipped cream" with the "meat & potatoes."  Most of the whooped-up motivational seminar attendees we've met... can't really do NLP well.  The trick is finding more "meat and potatoes" without getting lost in theory or analytical complexity.

If you're seeking massive levels of skill and knowledge in reasonably short periods of time, in fun and enjoyable formats, and most importantly, with an orientation towards getting measurable results in real-world situations, you'll want to know more about our trainer.  Jonathan Altfeld focuses on specific outcomes, applying NLP to specific areas. Like:

  • Significantly improving your spoken voice and becoming more compelling to listen to.
  • Learning how to communicate powerfully through nonverbal conversation.
  • Unpacking and reprogramming belief systems and decision strategies.
  • Applying NLP in Public Speaking, Sales, Business, Management, Interviews, Negotiation, and other professional contexts.
  • Coaching others with a highly creative, flexible mindset and a powerful and elegant skill-set.

We offer our visitors the opportunity to explore some of our materials at no cost, both through this extensive website and our email newsletters, but also via mail! Once you look around and find yourself fascinated with what we have to offer... go ahead and click on our "2 free NLP gifts" banner up and to the right.


This site is dedicated to helping people learn how to apply and use NLP to enhance their communication skills, emotional state management, life strategies, NLP business strategies, NLP sales skills, influence, relationships, and behavior. As we specialize in offering NLP courses, seminars, and trainings in a range of applied circumstances, we hope to provide the NLP Business Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, coach, life coach, and business coach, with advanced NLP skills and insights, just as we offer a range of products and services to help new NLP students hit the ground running. Feel free to explore our free NLP chat transcripts and nlp articles here.

Author: Jonathan Altfeld